As Biden grabs for guns, a West Virginia county votes to become Second Amendment ‘sanctuary’

Democrats like federalism only when it suits their political aims. Thus, the phenomenon of “sanctuary cities.” Throughout former President Donald Trump’s tenure, as the president sought to […]

Dems seek to erase Trump from all federal property, forever – including burial in Arlington Nat. Cemetery

Hell hath no fury like a Democrat scorned. A bill recently introduced by Democratic Rep. Linda Sanchez essentially prohibits the federal government from funding a multitude of […]

VP Harris already handling some calls to foreign leaders for Biden

On Monday the White House used the occasion of Presidents Day to reveal that Vice President Kamala Harris has been acting, well, presidential. The Biden administration posted […]

Cuomo’s problems accelerate as lawmakers on the left come after him

The media turned New York’s Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo into “America’s governor.” But at the moment, amid the growing scandal of the Cuomo administration’s deception on reporting […]

GOP senator files 2 bills to stop cancel culture. Here’s how Dems responded.

California, home to Hollywood, may be where cancel culture strikes loudest and most viciously. But one Republican lawmaker in the Golden State hopes to strike back against […]

Texas mayor resigns before angry blowup at ‘lazy’ constituents complaining about snowstorm: ‘Get off your a**!’

Now the weather is apparently part of cancel culture. Texas, like a large part of America, is in the frigid grip of a ferocious winter storm that […]

Lead House impeachment manager Raskin changes his tune, calls failed effort ‘dramatic success’

U.S. Rep. Jamie Raskin apparently likes to have it both ways. Four years ago, the Maryland Democrat objected to recognizing Florida’s Electoral College members after Republican Donald […]

Impeachment blowback: NC GOP vote unanimously to censure Sen. Burr … Maine’s Collins may be next

Rank and file Republicans are angry over votes to convict former President Donald Trump at last week’s impeachment trial – and not just at Democrats. The North […]

Comedian, fmr. ‘SNL’ star calls school closures ‘child abuse … bought and paid for with your tax dollars’

Throughout its long history, “Saturday Night Live” tilted left, but still often found liberal politics funny and worth skewering. Not today.The current cast is all-we, anti-Trump, pro-Democrat […]

DeSantis touts the economy in his ‘free’ state of Florida, smacks Biden as a ‘lockdowner’

The national media’s COVID-19 drama has had no bigger villain than Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. Yet DeSantis, despite overseeing the largest population of those most vulnerable […]

Hey, factcheckers … Kamala tells debunked story that Trump left Biden no vaccine plan

Call it the Costanza philosophy of governing. The Biden administration fibs so frequently, so naturally and so smoothly — with so little pushback — that it brings […]

Tucker: ‘Crazy mad’ Dems coming for Fox News, and its viewers, by calling for ‘harm reduction’

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson argued Thursday night that Democrats and their allies in Big Tech and Big Media are bent on crushing those who dissent from their […]

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