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The following are the kinds of comments that are not allowed on our site and may be subject to removal or having your account permanently banned from commenting:

  • Attacks or insults directed at other commenters, the post author or other journalists
  • Any form of harassment toward other commenters
  • Inappropriate language, including swearing and related attempts to bypass automatic filters of banned words and phrases, lewdness, insults or crude terms for body parts, bodily functions or physical acts, racism, and any other isms we deem inappropriate.
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The comments on our site are moderated by conservatives, or at the very least, Republicans. We’re a conservative news site, and we’re committed to providing our readers a safe space where they won’t get banned for their opinions, so we’ll extend a fair amount of leeway in some cases, but our sympathy only extends to those who comment with civility and act responsibly.

Often a comment is reported to us simply because it’s from a liberal viewpoint. We welcome and encourage dissenting voices. Our site is not meant to be an echo chamber but a place where any civil person of any political persuasion can discuss or comment on the issues of the day, so respectfully written dissenting comments are allowed, and you’re wasting your time and ours when you report them. Even commenters who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome are welcome, as long as they understand that the same rules apply to them as anyone else.

We at are grateful for our long-time commenters and loyal readers, and we’re happy that so many people who love our country can come together and discuss politics on our site.

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