Musk sends first official email to Twitter staff; here’s what it said …

Twitter owner Elon Musk is about to set more heads on fire as he officially ends remote work for his employees. One of the many lingering effects […]

Here’s who Tucker blames for midterm failure – ps… it’s not Trump

While some piling-on pundits have blamed former President Trump as well as backlash from the Dobbs decision for what happened on Election Day 2022, the way balloting […]

Righteous outrage builds over Arizona’s ‘national disgrace’ of a voting process

There is trouble on many fronts in Arizona, where officials are having issues counting votes. Yet collecting and counting votes is basically the full description of their […]

Steve Hilton says Dems will use midterm blue wall to ‘green light’ their radical agenda… and that’s ok

As their paltry majority in the House and deadlock in the Senate had been treated as a mandate by Democrats following the 2020 presidential election, so too […]

‘There is an alternative’: Trump backs Rick Scott as a ‘much better’ GOP Senate leader than McConnell

As corporate media spun the narrative of election night to best suit the establishment, former President Donald Trump’s endorsements told a different tale with the biggest one […]

‘From blackface to womanface’: Justin Trudeau gets thrashed for appearing on ‘Drag Race’ TV show

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is beclowning himself once again with the embarrassing distinction of being the first world leader to appear on the Drag Race television […]

AOC easily reelected hours after boldly claiming crime is down in NYC and ragging on cops

The idea that New Yorkers would vote in their own self-interests amid surging violent crime went by the wayside on Tuesday as voters chose lawlessness, socialism and […]

Lindsey Graham after red trickle: ‘Hats off to the Democrats…’

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham (R) embodied the establishment Tuesday night in a jovial appearance on NBC News where, before offering some advice to President Joe Biden […]

What does it mean? Fox News team breaks down takeaways from disappointing election results

With many key races still undecided, it is already a bleak morning for Republicans who were anticipating a red tsunami or at least a red wave as […]

DeSantis nails victory speech! Every GOP politician needs to learn. It’s not magic.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis easily swept to victory on Tuesday, giving a barnstormer victory speech that had conservatives thunderously cheering on their feet. His path to victory […]

Fetterman defeats Dr. Oz. Here is his victory speech. Americans have questions.

Heading into Tuesday, corporate media and the Democratic Party had primed voters to believe that it was acceptable for results to remain unknown for days following the […]

Fox News anchors balk over Kari Lake’s pledge to ‘reform’ media, mock her ‘worst nightmare’ comment

On a messy election day in Arizona where an inexplicable series of problems plagued poll locations, Republican gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake mixed it up with reporters, throwing […]

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