Ukraine lawmaker pleased with Dem performance, says early results from midterms ‘very good’ for us

The relatively strong showing Democrats made in the midterm elections is arguably bad news for America, but for Oleksiy Goncharenko, who is part of the European Solidarity […]

Casey Anthony sits for first TV interview since being acquitted for murdering her 2-yr-old daughter

Casey Anthony, who was the suspect in a case that captivated an entire nation 11 years ago, is set to give her first televised interview since she […]

ABC points to Latinos being fooled by ‘disinformation’ to explain DeSantis, GOP success in South Florida

True blue corporate media leaned into their strengths during election night coverage and when it came to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ resounding triumph even in the Democratic stronghold […]

Nick Cannon: Brooklyn Net’s ‘buck breaking’ six-step course for Kyrie Irving redemption is ‘dehumanizing’

While NBA superstar Kyrie Irving remained suspended from the Brooklyn Nets pending completion of “remedial measures,” actor Nick Cannon came to the player’s defense as he slammed […]

Pentagon distributes ‘climate literacy’ survey to troops, civilian defense workers to ensure ‘warfighting edge’

The Pentagon, led by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, is asking active-duty service members and civilian Department of Defense workers if they need more information on climate change […]

McConaughey dishes on father’s death: Mom wanted the world to see why his nickname was ‘Big Jim’

In what seems to be an example of way too much information, A-list actor Mathew McConaughey disclosed some alleged intimate details about the circumstances surrounding his father’s […]

Drunk Kentucky student, 22, arrested; viral video spreads of her lashing out at two black students

An extremely inebriated University of Kentucky student named Sophia Rosing was arrested Sunday morning at a campus dorm after reportedly physically assaulting two black students and hurling […]

GA teen who stops in middle of ‘robbery’ to remove mask claims it was a prank – police aren’t laughing

On Thursday, an 18-year-old man stopped midway through an armed robbery claiming it was a joke, but the authorities are taking it seriously. Deputies in Georgia’s Cherokee […]

‘Terrifies me’: Biden turns heads when he says, ‘you can plug your car into the house and make it light up’

Social media is in a twitter after President Joe Biden went off on a tangent about the power of electric vehicles, declaring excitedly “You can plug your […]

Dem candidate’s parents accuse him of lying about scope of military service: ‘Has only disdain for military’

Allegations bordering on stolen valor have emerged against a Democrat in a swing-district legislative election in Washington state. The accuser, moreover, is the candidate’s father, who says […]

Gutfeld throws PC rules out the window to taunt Tarlov on ‘murderous’ women voters flocking to GOP

A dicussion that involved the politicized issue of abortion rights led to an awkward but meant-to-be humorous exchange between co-hosts on Fox News’ “The Five,” a top-rated […]

Chilling video released of parolee walking in birthing room of girlfriend, shooting 2 hospital workers

Authorities in Dallas have released a combination of surveillance and body-cam video of a ghastly incident during which a gunman allegedly shot and killed two healthcare workers […]

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