Rep Steve King releases scathing rebuttal and warning on Trump’s deal with Dems: ‘The base WILL leave him’

And then there’s the wrath of Ann Coulter …

Beefcake cop photos unexpectedly go viral, bring relief to hurricane victims in more ways than one

Let’s keep it up, men. And major kudos to whomever is doing the hiring at these police departments!

Eight of Florida’s elderly die in sweltering hot conditions at rehab center

“It’s a sad state of affairs,” Hollywood Police Chief Tom Sanchez told the AP.

Symphony Orchestra members freak out over conservative guest conductor; turns out he bites back!

“Mr. Prager has himself turned the controversy into a rallying cry for the right”

Guy books 6 dates in one night at the same bar … women don’t just get revenge, they make the news

These ladies smelled a rat, and weren’t afraid to make him pay — literally.

Scaramucci dines at Trump Hotel hours after ouster, but it’s his companions that has folks buzzing

It’s too soon to count him down for the count.

anthony scaramucci accuses reince priebus leaker
Scaramucci duped by prankster pretending to be Priebus; CNN rejoices over embarrassing email thread

The pranks highlight cyber vulnerability even in America’s highest and most classified positions.

Sweet revenge! Fox News sticks it to the New York Times, watch giddy hosts rub it in

Well played, FNC.

Oops! MSNBC brags about ratings victory over Fox News too soon

As far as beating Fox News? Nice try.

Rough crowd! ‘Mr. Beach’ Chris Christie booed, mocked by announcer after catching impressive Mets foul ball

“Are you kidding me?”

Donald Trump offers to help British baby but this wouldn’t be the first child he has rescued

A chilling and honest statement about big government if there ever was one.

Can’t get a job because ‘my boobs are too big’ … says ‘too sexy’ actress who her launched career topless

Ratajkowski was described by Bazaar as an outspen feminist and went on to elaborate about boobs:

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