Judeo-Christian Republican Club is born in South Florida

It will unite those who wish to fight back and welcome all who stand for our hard-fought freedoms, including those Muslims who will support our Constitution and rules of law.

Bergstein: What makes me a Jewish political conservative

I was raised by my hard-workingimmigrant parents in a Brolyn, two bedroom, one bath apartment d by five. No automobile, clothes were washed in the bathtub and […]

Watch Bernie Sanders pander to Muslim student who claims Muslims are victims in America

or opinions expressed are those of BPR contributors, not necessarily BizPac Review. Bernie Sanders put on a show as he pandered to a Muslim student at […]

debate moderators Fox
Disappointed with Fox debate moderators: ‘Juan Williams couldn’t have been worse’

Letter to the editor: It’s late, I’m tired, grumpy, and just finished watching Fox News’ Republican presidential nomination debate. The opening sequence of the 9 p.m. segment […]

Obama’s choice of weekend golf pals sparks questions

Those of you who have stuck by Obama because of his concern for the little people, his schmoozing with union members, his attacks on the carbon fuel […]

Memo to Dems who dissed Bibi

Memo to Congressman Ted Deutch and Congresswoman Lois Frankel – and all the Dems who dissed Bibi: Prior to today’s speech to a joint session of Congress […]

Circle of incompetence now complete with Rice as security adviser

When I awe Wednesday to hear that President Obama had appointed former United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice to be his new national security adviser, I thought of […]

Allen and Angela West
FAU student says she’s threatened by Allen West’s defense of his wife

An April 21 Sun Sentinel article, “University on Edge,” details the confusion and dissension on the Florida Atlantic University campus. In addition to the embarrassment over the […]

Nazi line
Bergstein’s ‘Wooden Block of Soap’ award

In Nazi concentration camps, Jews and other prisoners had to be duped into entering gas chambers naked, after their jewelry had been removed. To maintain order, the […]

Ben Carson
Is Dr. Ben Carson the Jackie Robinson of politics?

I’m giving Dr. Benjamin Carson the “42 Award” as another African-American champion of the day. I expect him to be the Jackie Robinson of politics who will […]

Obama Jewish Heritage Month
White House cancels Jews, is Cinco de Mayo still on?

How do we know the election is over? Simply by keeping an eye on the number of times Barack Obama sticks his thumb in the eyes of […]

Franklin D Roosevelt
History of FDR’s treatment of Jews gets a liberal spin

It’s been 68 years since Franklin ano Roosevelt’s death, and the Jewish leftist revisionists are hard at work trying to recast this anti-Jewish president’s image to their […]

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