Law school student alleges professor humiliated her via an exam in revenge for her conservative views

A college student in Australia claims that her name was used in a lurid, take-home exam hypothetical because she harbors conservative views. According to various media organizations, […]

Tiffany Trump ‘flipping out’, stuck inside evacuated Mar-a-Lago as hurricane changes wedding plans: report

Tiffany Trump is reportedly “flipping out” as Hurricane Nicole bears down on Florida’s Atlantic coast, lashing it with 75 mph winds ahead of her lavish wedding this […]

Transgender influencer livid after being thrown in Miami jail with male inmates: ‘Disturbing and dangerous’

Transgender beauty influencer Nikita Dragun was thrown in with male inmates after getting busted for walking around a luxury Miami hotel pool naked and then throwing water […]

SNL staff writers have meltdown over Dave Chappelle hosting show, boycott the episode

Comedian superstar Dave Chappelle has been tapped to host “Saturday Night Live” this weekend for a third time, causing a revolt among staff writers who are boycotting […]

Christina Pushaw laughs at traumatized local ‘legacy media’ calling Florida a ‘crimson hellscape’

While the midterms on Tuesday didn’t result in the resounding red wave that had been predicted, Republicans gained just enough seats in key areas that liberal legacy […]

‘Woke’ protester arrested after hurling eggs at King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla

A protester allegedly tossed eggs at the United Kingdom’s King Charles III and Camilla, the Queen Consort, during a Wednesday meet-and greet known in the parlance as […]

Ukraine lawmaker pleased with Dem performance, says early results from midterms ‘very good’ for us

The relatively strong showing Democrats made in the midterm elections is arguably bad news for America, but for Oleksiy Goncharenko, who is part of the European Solidarity […]

Casey Anthony sits for first TV interview since being acquitted for murdering her 2-yr-old daughter

Casey Anthony, who was the suspect in a case that captivated an entire nation 11 years ago, is set to give her first televised interview since she […]

ABC points to Latinos being fooled by ‘disinformation’ to explain DeSantis, GOP success in South Florida

True blue corporate media leaned into their strengths during election night coverage and when it came to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ resounding triumph even in the Democratic stronghold […]

‘From blackface to womanface’: Justin Trudeau gets thrashed for appearing on ‘Drag Race’ TV show

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is beclowning himself once again with the embarrassing distinction of being the first world leader to appear on the Drag Race television […]

Prince Andrew sex accuser retracts claim Epstein trafficked her to Alan Dershowitz: ‘I made a mistake’

A purported case of mistaken identity has led to Alan Dershowitz and Jeffrey Epstein accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, agreeing to drop pending lawsuits against each other. Guiffre […]

Record number of illegal migrants escaped from border patrol in October

Jennie Taer, DCNF Roughly 66,000 illegal migrants evaded apprehension by border officials in October, a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) source told the Daily Caller News Foundation. […]

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