‘Egregious violations’: WaPo has pattern of anti-Israel bias and irresponsible Middle East coverage: Report

The Washington Post is receiving substantial backlash for numerous problems linked to alleged anti-Israel bias in its coverage of the country’s war against the terrorist group Hamas, […]

Musk SCORCHES Mark Cuban with one line in DEI debate: ‘Cool, so when should we expect …’

Billionaire Elon Musk was forced earlier this week to educate fellow billionaire Mark Cuban about the realities of DEI, also known as diversity, equity, and inclusion. DEI […]

Megyn Kelly’s cryptic tease: we may soon hear ‘directly’ from deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein

Megyn Kelly opened her podcast Thursday with a focus on the newly released documents relating to Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein’s former r and accomplice Ghislaine […]

Casey Anthony’s parents take lie detector tests, watch her gross new accusations, in riveting 2-hr special

True crime buffs on X are losing their minds after George Anthony, father of the notorious Casey Anthony, sat down for a lie detector test. In 2011, […]

Migrants complain about life in NYC: ‘Pets are treated better than us’

It turns out that the grass really isn’t greener on the other side of the fence, at least when it comes to the experience of some African […]

Top model named in court docs jumped to her death, was flown to Epstein’s ‘pedo island’ as a teen

She was known as the “Russian Rapunzel.” A catwalk sensation and the face of Nina Ricci perfume, Kazakh-Russian mo Ruslana Korshunova was just 20 years old when […]

‘The View’ co-host Joy Behar accidentally jabs herself with epic self-own about vaccines

The pent-up foolishness from their holiday hiatus is spilling out of the co-hosts of “The View” and an inadvertent self-own by Joy Behar during her defense of […]

Newly released Epstein documents mention many A-list Hollywood celebrities

A host of A-list celebrities are named in newly released documents relating to Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein’s former r and accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell. That’s according […]

Harvard professor says Claudine Gay made the university ‘a police organization’

Harvard University became a “police organization” during Claudine Gay’s administration, a physics professor told The Wall Street Journal. Following another round of plagiarism allegations against Gay, she […]

Claudine Gay seems to rewrite history on Harvard’s handling of plagiarism accusations in NYT op-ed

Harvard President Claudine Gay wrote an Op-Ed Wednesday that attempted to push back against plagiarism allegations by saying she “promptly” requested corrections to the pieces in question, […]

Intel experts say high-end sex ring in Boston, DC was ‘honeypot’ scheme to ensnare US officials

Intelligence experts are claiming that a high-end sex ring that catered to politicians, defense contractors, and high-ranking government officials was a “honeypot” scheme. Six brothels located in […]

Citing ‘weight bias,’ WSJ suggests ‘slimmed-down workers’ experience greater career gains

In a “body positive” world in which obese stars such as Lizzo are held up as examples of feminine beauty, a new report from The Wall Street […]

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