Dem elitist mayor living like royalty mocked for hilariously corrupt antics: ‘Real life Parks & Rec’

Tiffany Henyard, a progressive Democrat mayor from Illinois, has been living it up on the taxpayers’ dime and is being called out for corruption as well as […]

Pelosi says states, not voters, should be able to decide who is on a ballot

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just stunned viewers on national television by admitting that she thinks states should decide who’s allowed to run for president of the […]

Whoopi blasts rumors she’s on Epstein’s list, says she’s listed on ‘fake’ one

Whoopi Goldberg hammered rumors swirling that she is on the late convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s “list,” asserting there’s a fake one with her name on it making […]

Nikki Haley appears to acknowledge defeat in Iowa with ‘insult’ delivered to New Hampshire voters

Republican candidate Nikki Haley made an inflammatory claim during a rally in New Hampshire, telling the audience that they could “correct” Iowans’ presidential choice. The assertion seems […]

Jill Biden staffer’s ouster linked to ‘inappropriate relationship’ decisions involving gay dates

First Lady Jill Biden’s press secretary, Michael LaRosa, was forced to resign after it surfaced he was taking male dates to his room on a secure floor […]

Intel experts say high-end sex ring in Boston, DC was ‘honeypot’ scheme to ensnare US officials

Intelligence experts are claiming that a high-end sex ring that catered to politicians, defense contractors, and high-ranking government officials was a “honeypot” scheme. Six brothels located in […]

Mutinous campaign aides slam Biden for ‘complicity’ in the death of 20K Palestinians

President Biden is evidently experiencing mutiny among his campaign staffers who are denouncing him for allegedly being complicit in the death of over 20,000 Palestinians. The gaggle […]

Michelle Obama White House ‘coup’ likely underway, Peter Navarro says

Former Trump administration adviser Peter Navarro claims a “coup” is underway to put former First Lady Michelle Obama in the White House, replacing President Joe Biden on […]

‘Gang of 5’ GOP lawmakers: ‘Shut the border down, or we’ll shut the government down’

House Republicans are warning Democrats that if they don’t follow the law and close the border, they will make good on their threat to shut the government […]

New Philly mayor declares public safety emergency to counter crime – Dem seeks more cops on street

As Philaphia continues morphing into a third-world hellscape, the city just elected its 100th mayor who is a Democrat, former teacher, long-serving councilwoman, and black. Cherelle Parker […]

America’s ‘most dangerous law’ has damaged Illinois policing the way ‘Marxists’ intended, local sheriff says

After a year, criminal justice reform in Illinois has taken a toll on police with “overwhelmingly negative” effects, according to Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Bullard. “These kinds […]

Clinton megadonor has trial against him suddenly go away

Sam Bankman-Fried, a Hillary Clinton donor and mega-donor to the Democrat Party, has suddenly had a second trial charging him with unlawful political donations and bribery of […]

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