Tucker defends fmr colleague Megyn Kelly after latest blackface scandal

Tucker Carlson is extremely irritated with the egregious double standard surrounding revelations that Canada’s uber-liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau liked to dress up in blackface. Trudeau was […]

Dennis Rodman reveals Madonna pregnancy secret, 18-24 month Kim Jong-un prediction

What happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom… unless you’re a celebrity loing to extend your 15 minutes of fame, or perhaps relive the good ‘ole […]

Trump admin’s scathing letter rejecting Newsom’s request for funds: Clean up your act first!

Send in the Republicans to save the day. Or in this case, the state. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson toured Los Angeles to get a […]

European owner of major soccer team defends ‘very respectable’ Bin Laden family

    Europe is undergoing a major transformation with the influx of Middle Eastern and African migrants, and now it’s sparking controversy in the world of soccer. […]

Trump comes out swinging against ‘partisan whistleblower’ and ‘Little Adam Schiff’ gets hit

clockwork, President Trump came out swinging against allegations he had an inappropriate conversation with a foreign leader. The “whistleblower bombshell” was first dropped by the New […]

Giuliani and Cuomo battle it out New Yorker style in loud, hostile interview

Rudy Giuliani battled it out with CNN’s Chris Cuomo over a new report involving a whistleblower and alleged misconduct by Donald Trump with a foreign leader. “I’m […]

Melania’s White House makeover earns rave reviews for taste, elegance

America’s popular first lady is bringing her impeccable style and elegance to the White House. President Trump and wife Melania are getting ready to host their second […]

Trump signs border wall as tour whips up excitement. With a Sharpie, of course.

While the left is perpetually living in meltdown mode, President Trump is having the time of his life — and getting things done. Coming off the heels […]

IG report: FBI insiders shocked after Comey leaked docs to cover himself

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horwitz revealed on Wednesday that he had referred disgraced former FBI director James Comey for criminal prosecution. The referral came earlier this […]

Baltimore restaurant at war with PC cops over dress code

A restaurant in Balti is finding out even something as innocuous as a dress code can get you in trouble with the politically correct crowd. In a […]

Shaq breaks awkward meter, pushy flirtation with sexy host makes her squirm

Shaquille O’Neal threw political correctness to the wind in an uncomfortable interview with a young, beautiful host. The NBA legend sat for an interview with E! News’ […]

Jesse Watters: ‘Conservative media is basically saving this country’

Fox News hosts Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Watters reamed today’s mainstream media for its widespread reckless reporting. The hosts of “The Five” were discussing a scathing report […]

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