The most frequently asked question at CPAC 2018 couldn’t be answered in the ballrooms

What was this question you ask? Drum roll:

Amazing grace: Trump’s Thanksgiving proclamation thanks God – unlike Obama’s

Happy Give Thanks to God Day, everyone!

Clinton’s pastor violates ‘Thou Shall Not Steal’ – ‘Hillary’s daily devotions’ book pulled from shelves

Obviously, Hillary’splagiarist pastor has had a very public fall from grace.

Is Donald Trump’s new 2020 TV ad a political life preserver?

“I wholly support the effort.”

Who knew? Pastor Hillary’s true desire is to preach, just in time for her new book

Religion is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Patriotism is next to last.

Is the Drudge Report promoting a Trump vs. McAuliffe 2020 match-up?

Of course, McAuliffe is obsessed because the goals of the NDRC and his 2020 plans are intertwined!

To Hell with political correctness — time for a national ‘speak English’ initiative?

The importance of English literacy cannot be overstated.

Pope Francis celebrates with a million worshipers the mysterious events at Fatima 100 years ago today

Regardless of your faith or even if you are a non-believer, the Fatima story is worth knowing because it is fascinating, controversial, and unexplained by science.

Michelle Obama 2020? Brilliant or desperate presidential candidate?

Remember, desperation is a powerful motivator and the Democrats are desperate!

Today it’s ‘T-PAC’! Trump returns to CPAC as victorious conquering king

Thursday at CPAC 2017, Conway, addressing the crowd that would welcome President Trump on Friday said, “Tomorrow, this will be T-PAC.”

Why Obama’s post-presidential website is cause for concern

“OFA is committed to mobilizing …”

‘Not My President’ children’s books and candy bars, Hollywood’s latest weapon

“Not My President,” but events are scheduled with that theme.

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