Steve Hilton says Dems will use midterm blue wall to ‘green light’ their radical agenda… and that’s ok

As their paltry majority in the House and deadlock in the Senate had been treated as a mandate by Democrats following the 2020 presidential election, so too […]

ABC points to Latinos being fooled by ‘disinformation’ to explain DeSantis, GOP success in South Florida

True blue corporate media leaned into their strengths during election night coverage and when it came to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ resounding triumph even in the Democratic stronghold […]

‘There is an alternative’: Trump backs Rick Scott as a ‘much better’ GOP Senate leader than McConnell

As corporate media spun the narrative of election night to best suit the establishment, former President Donald Trump’s endorsements told a different tale with the biggest one […]

Nick Cannon: Brooklyn Net’s ‘buck breaking’ six-step course for Kyrie Irving redemption is ‘dehumanizing’

While NBA superstar Kyrie Irving remained suspended from the Brooklyn Nets pending completion of “remedial measures,” actor Nick Cannon came to the player’s defense as he slammed […]

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum: The lack of transparency in vote counting ‘fosters distrust in the system’

The race to be first has dominated the 24 hour news cycle often resulting in questionable reporting like the frustrating call of Arizona made by Fox News […]

Lindsey Graham after red trickle: ‘Hats off to the Democrats…’

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham (R) embodied the establishment Tuesday night in a jovial appearance on NBC News where, before offering some advice to President Joe Biden […]

Fetterman defeats Dr. Oz. Here is his victory speech. Americans have questions.

Heading into Tuesday, corporate media and the Democratic Party had primed voters to believe that it was acceptable for results to remain unknown for days following the […]

McCarthy eyes speaker’s gavel, talks ‘accountability’ but stiff arms notion of impeaching Biden

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has his eyes set on the speaker’s gavel come January and as he vies for a moderate position ahead of Tuesday’s […]

Jessica Simpson responds to ‘destructive noise’ from fans over new ad, shares 5 years of sobriety

After facing concern from her appearance and behavior in a recent Pottery Barn Kids ad, singer Jessica Simpson hit back at critics with lessons learned from five […]

Here’s how newly appointed Italian government is dealing with waves of asylum seekers

Much as the United States has lost control of the crisis at the open U.S.-Mexico border thanks to progressive policies under President Joe Biden, newly appointed leaders […]

Trump triggers ‘lock her up’ chant about ‘crazy Nancy Pelosi’ after pulling her into Florida rally

Former President Donald Trump’s address at a Save America rally in Florida was barely underway Sunday before a “feisty crowd” bristled at the mention of “crazy” House […]

Jack Dorsey publicly critiques Musk’s changes one by one. Guess who puts him in his place each time?

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey may have stepped down as CEO last year and left the board of directors in May, but he hasn’t been able to keep […]

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