Chicago mayor’s motorcade facing seizure orders for ignoring the law: report

Running all the way to the top, Chicago’s mayor was caught up in the city’s criminality as an order was issued to seize vehicles from his motorcade. […]

AP gets thumped by Community Notes for calling plagiarism ‘new conservative weapon’

Ripe for the ratio, the Associated Press got called out by Community Notes and X users for their “conservative weapon” take on plagiarism. “You’ve all lost your […]

Whistleblower claims strong pro-Hamas, anti-Israel sentiment among Amazon workers

A whistleblower exposed a thriving pro-Hamas community among workers using company resources to push anti-Israel sentiments. Havens of antisemitism have cropped up on college campuses, at […]

The judge confronts Gutfeld over actor’s biker brawl: ‘HE THREW THE FIRST PUNCH!’

Actor’s Hollywood biker brawl stirred up a Fox News feud as co-hosts sparred over who “threw the first punch.” (Video: Fox News) Tuesday on “The Five,” co-host […]

Judge dismisses most counts against Trump over death of Jan 6 officer, Brian Sicknick

A victory for former President Donald Trump came with a judge’s ruling on liability for the death of a United States Capitol Police officer. Along with the […]

Where was the caregiver? Joe Biden returns from vacay with WICKED sunburn after skin cancer scare

Mere months after a cancer scare, President Joe Biden’s lobster-faced return from his latest vacation raised eyebrows for than one reason. On the tarmac in St. […]

Dave Chappelle spits in the face of cancel culture with ‘one of the greatest punchlines’ ever!

Comedian Dave Chappelle’s “best trans je yet” showed him undeterred by backlash as a story about Jim Carrey and Andy Kaufman reignited activist furor. Defying cancel culture, […]

Meanwhile, Christians were being massacred at Christmas and ‘the world is — silent’

The Christmas massacre of dozens of Nigerian Christians is just the latest in wiy ignored persecution that has seen thousands slaughtered over a decade “for sport.” “The […]

SUV filled with explosives slams into car and crowd leaving NY concert, terrorism task force investigates

A fiery crash outside a New Year’s Eve concert is being investigated as possible domestic terrorism after “at least a dozen gaso canisters” were recovered. (Video: WSYR) […]

WHO accused of stacking group in charge of guidelines for new global ‘self-ID’ with biased trans activists

The globalists’ aim at pushing “self-identification” was knocked as “trans bias” after the United Nations agency announced a meeting to produce a guiine for “gender diverse people.” […]

‘Doesn’t prove anything!’ Here’s how leftists are attempting to incriminate Trump ahead of Epstein name release

The planned release of previously sealed documents naming names connected to Jeffrey Epstein triggered a renewed slapdash effort to malign former President Donald Trump. “Everything doesn’t have […]

Pro-Hamas ‘terrorists’ cause travel nightmare at JFK

Hamas sympathizers made good on plans to disrupt New York City travel with airport protests aying flights earning no sympathy. “These are terrorists and the authorities need […]

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