‘Are we next?!’ Kilmeade breaks down shady FBI actions, concludes Trump justified in his outrage

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade backed former President Donald Trump in his criticism of the FBI, calling out the seemingly partisan and shady investigations the agency has […]

Grandfather throws down with aggressive kangaroo that attacked his dogs, but who really won?

An Australian man put his boxing skills to the test against an unusual opponent, an “aggressive” kangaroo that was trying to attack his beloved dogs. Cliff Dess, […]

‘My name is Dr. Robinson’: Proud abortionist snaps at Chip Roy calling her ‘Miss’ during hearing

A witness in a House Judiciary Committee hearing on abortion rights rudely corrected Rep. Chip Roy during heated questioning and declared she is “a proud abortion provider.” […]

Great ‘eye discipline!’ Beaming Kyle Rittenhouse pic with busty Lara Logan lookalike draws A LOT of eyes

A photo of Kyle Rittenhouse that’s been shared on social media is getting extra attention for some eyebrow-raising reasons. The teen who was acquitted of killing two […]

Lefties won’t like the results of this new poll, but Elon Musk will

As the left melted down over Twitter being sold to the world’s richest man, a new poll shows that a majority of American voters actually back the […]

Biden tells Americans they can save $500 a month by switching to renewable energy, WH flubs clean-up

If Americans were thrilled to hear President Joe Biden’s prediction about potential green energy savings, their balloon was quickly popped by a White House correction. In a […]

Kamala Harris’ Jamaican word salad: ‘Every time she talks she makes Biden seem almost coherent’

Vice President Kamala Harris ignited a wave of criticism after she offered another bowl of word salad at an official event, this time speaking with Jamaica’s prime […]

Joy Behar says she’s worried the invasion in Ukraine is going to ruin her trip to Italy

Comedian and television host Joy Behar stunned with her tone-deaf take on the unfolding invasion of Ukraine, revealing her pressing thoughts as Russian forces advanced on their […]

Actress shredded over Vladimir Putin poem: Just sing ‘Imagine’ next time.

Actress AnnaLynne McCord addressed the crisis of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in a poem that earned her fiery criticism on social media. The 34-year-old “90210” alum may […]

Ex-Georgia official wore fake pregnancy stomach in paid leave scheme -twice!

A former Georgia official has been indicted for faking a pregnancy in order to take paid maternity leave, going as far as sharing baby photos and naming […]

Canadian reporter sneaks off to Florida to escape lockdown, is triggered by too much freedom

Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily. SIGN UP HERE A Canadian journalist was torched on social media after declaring he escaped his country’s […]

Pfizer announces new Omicron vax will be ready by March despite Fauci proclaiming ‘no need’

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has begun work on a vaccine that is “tailored” to combat Omicron and other variants of the COVID-19 virus. A spokesperson for the company […]

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