Tucker lets ‘woke’ military have it: ‘The Pentagon is now the Yale faculty lounge, but with cruise missiles’

In Friday’s opening monologue of Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, he stated that a new “diversity and inclusion plan” put out by the Special Operations Command is more evidence that the woke military has become obsessed with gender, race, and sexuality.

“If you’re wondering whether our military leadership has gone woke, consider that question settled for good. The Pentagon is now the Yale faculty lounge, but with cruise missiles,” Carlson derogatorily quipped.

The Fox News host proceeded to tear into the Special Operations Command and the fact that it recently appointed Richard Torres-Estrada as its new “Diversity & Inclusion” chief.

“The one thing we know about that plan is it will result in the dramatic lowering of standards within our elite ranks. It probably already has,” he said. “How will that make America safer? The generals never said. You couldn’t find that on the website. Instead, they explained that ‘all of us understand that diversity and inclusion are operational imperatives.’ They didn’t say how, they just said they’re imperatives. This is the operation that Richard Torres-Estrada will be running.”

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“The question is: Who exactly is Richard Torres-Estrada? His Facebook page gives us some indication of who he is. On it, you’ll find an attack on the police, you’ll find crude BLM propaganda, you’ll find a picture of Donald Trump holding a Bible in front of a church. Next to Trump is a photograph of Adolf Hitler. The point is, they’re the same. So, this is the guy who now oversees hiring for the SEALs,” noted Carlson.

Carlson went on to highlight that, instead of dealing with the blockage of the Suez Canal, which is of vital national interest, the military is on a “stand-down” order issued by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, whom he quoted as saying: “And if confirmed, I will fight hard to stamp out sexual assault and to rid our ranks of racists and extremists … The job of the Department of Defense is to keep America safe from our enemies. But we can’t do that if some of those enemies lie within our own ranks.”

Carlson went on to lambaste Austin: “The key question is, how does Lloyd Austin define a racist or extremist? The definition matters. This show has been denounced as a dangerous White supremacist organ for the crime of reading Martin Luther King quotes on the air. So it’s worth finding out what those words mean. But Lloyd Austin doesn’t provide a definition. That’s not accidental, because what you’re seeing is not an attempt to make the military better. What you’re seeing is a political purge of the military.”

Carlson illustrated the difference between the way the military now brands so-called “extremism” versus what is going on in America’s streets with Antifa and Black Lives Matter and how that compares to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

He made a specific point about who is being targeted for asking questions:

A man called Ramon Colon-Lopez was called in to tell the troops why they were wrong. Colon-Lopez is the Senior Enlisted Adviser to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. These questions, he conceded, are “coming from every echelon that we’re talking to. Some people may think that, ‘All right, so the events of 6 January happened. How come you’re not looking at the situation that was going on in Seattle prior to that?'”

Yeah, exactly. Kind of an obvious question. Well Ramón Colón-López has an answer. Actually, it’s more of a threat.

“I am concerned about the way that some people are looking at the current environment and what they are thinking, they can do and act upon based on their personal beliefs,” he said.

In other words, if you ask questions like these obvious ones, you are, by definition, dangerous.


Carlson went on with more examples: “This week, we spoke to a DEA agent who was fired for being in Washington on Jan. 6. He didn’t riot. He never went in the Capitol Building. In fact, he even defended cops against rioters. He’s on video doing that. But it didn’t matter. He didn’t vote for Biden, so he’s gone. And he’s hardly alone.”

“Earlier this month, the FBI arrested an Oklahoma man called Anthony Alfred Griffith. According to the FBI, Griffith’s crime was walking into the Capitol Building through open doors, taking some photos, then handing those photos to federal investigators. The FBI’s criminal complaint accuses Griffith of ‘witnessing multiple people trying to break down a door.’ Oh, he saw it happen,” he snarked.

“For the crime of witnessing other people committing a crime, Anthony Alfred Griffith now faces seven years in prison,” Carlson stated.

“But don’t worry. People like Anthony Alfred Griffith, our leaders tell us, are extremists. They’re white supremacists. And our military needs to be laser-focused on making certain no one who votes like Anthony Alfred Griffith can ever serve in the armed forces again,” he quipped.

Then Carlson let Democrats speak for themselves on extremism:

Senator Tammy Duckworth said “We absolutely need to look at any type of White supremacists that are still members of the military and how they are being targeted for recruitment by White supremacist groups and we need to weed this out … This whole idea of police officer on police officer violence with those officers who have been turned by White extremists is really scary to me. And I know it’s got to be scary for the other police officers.”

Senator Mazie Hirono also went there by saying, “I am considering legislation to create a standalone punitive article in the Uniform Code of Military Justice to address violent extremism in the ranks and to send a message of deterrence, that this kind of conduct will not be tolerated in the military.”

And then there’s Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: “We’ve seen a lot of reports highlighting how many of the attackers were veterans, and there’s been really a growing recognition that the military has to do more to address extremism in its ranks.”

Carlson proceeded to call all three Democrats extremists and then pivoted to show how the military is fostering their radical beliefs: ‘”The military has to do more to address” extremism. And in a way, they’re doing that — by aggressively promoting it. Every two months, senior enlisted leaders in the military gather for something called ‘the Commanding General’s Stewardship of the Army Profession forum.’ In January, the forum included a ‘professional dialogue’ on the racist hate tract ‘White Fragility’ by lunatic Robin DiAngelo. No one condemned Robin DiAngelo’s obvious extremism. They celebrated it.”

Then Carlson turned his attention to the commander of the Air Force Education and Training Command, Lt. Gen Brad Webb whom he contends is crying over systemic racism.

Here’s what the good general had to say: “One of the other areas in line with that has been aptitude tests. In fact, the chief mentioned that one as well in his talk the other day. But we are deep underway updating pilot tests and also officer candidate tests that, at its root, you know, you get a weighted score … if you have a private pilot license. Well, that’s a socioeconomic influencer. In other words, if you’re rich enough to afford to have private pilot time, you can get a license. That ought not be weighted in such a way that you exclude, you know, various ethnic groups.”

Carlson torched the general: “The real question is: how does a doughy moron like that end up with an important job in the U.S. military? This isn’t the Department of Transportation. It’s not the DMV. This is a serious thing. This is the federal agency to which we give the most money and exists to protect the rest of us from foreign threats. And guys like that have power?”

“That guy’s the commander of Air Force Education. And it’s not just him. In October, the head of Air Force recruiting office, Major General Ed Thomas, published a piece on Yahoo entitled, “86% of Air Force pilots are [W]hite men. Here’s why this needs to change,”‘ he continued.

“You have to wonder what the families of the thousands of American white pilots who have died defending this country over the last hundred years think of that. Ed Thomas wants them to know their husbands and fathers and sons shouldn’t have been flying in the first place because they were the wrong color,” Carlson added.

Carlson also quoted Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL): “How long until MAGA hats are considered an extremist symbol? How long until Catholic or pro-life groups or those who believe in two genders are too extreme for the ruling Woke-topians? Today is about nothing more than cancel culture coming for our military and it is disgusting.”

And he closed with the comment: “Disgusting. Usually, that’s hyperbole. In this case, it’s understatement.”


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