Stormy Daniels’ supposed pillow talk with Trump after sex is the wildest thing you’ll read all day

It’s been a stormy few days in the national media as tawdry details from a porn star who claims to have slept with Donald Trump while he was married to Melania have seeped into the press.

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The adult actress Stormy Daniels, known off-mattress as Stephanie Clifford, made a splash last week with a WSJ report she received $130,000 to keep her mouth shut, a bit of unusual business for Daniels, about an alleged affair with Donald Trump.

In a quite impressive bit of contortion, she denies today ever having sex with Donald Trump. That all got a bit uncomfortable when the news dropped of a 2011 interview with InTouch (no, that’s not a bad joke) where she did claim to have engaged in bawdry business with the billionaire.

Meanwhile, reports continue to stream in about the payment, such as Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen’s involvement setting up a parent LLC just weeks before the election to handle the transaction. It’s all such a sordid mess, even in regards to reports about porn actresses.

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Then there’s the matter of the pillow talk. Even those of non-prurient tastes were exposed to a sneak preview of the racy banter purported to have taken place between the real estate tycoon and his flesh-plying mistress. At one moment, a breathless media reported that Trump even compared Stormy to Ivanka in a moment of post-coital reflection.

“He told me once that I was someone to be reckoned with, beautiful and smart just like his daughter,” Daniels said.

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It may not have gotten worse as far as Daniels’ gossipy pillow talk goes, but it certainly has gotten more fanciful. She even gushes about being able to describe the president’s equipment, and by that we don’t mean his hands.

In the full interview published today, the issue of Melania Trump came up.

“Stormy: Ok well I have a question for you and it IS offensive.” And I asked him about his hair. I was like,, “Dude, what’s up with that?” and he laughed and he said, “You know, everybody wants to give me a makeover and I’ve been offered all this money and all these free treatments.” And I was like, “What is the deal? Don’t you want to upgrade that? Come on, man.” He said that he thought that if he cut his hair or changed it, that he would lose his power and his wealth. And I laughed hysterically at him.

IT: What did he say?

Stormy: He took it pretty well. He was like, “Yeah, yeah, my wife even did my son’s hair like that, as a joke.” I was like, “Yes, speaking of your wife…”

IT: Did he mention her at all?

Stormy: I mentioned her. I was like, “Yeah, what about your wife?” He goes, “Oh, don’t worry about her.” Quickly, quickly changed the subject.

Trump with Daniels. (My Space.)

Then, Donald Trump was supposedly so smitten that he offered to get Daniels on The Apprentice:

Yup. And then he goes — I might be out of order with the conversation because it was so long ago. But he was like, “You know what? You’re really smart. You’re not dumb.” And I was like, “Thanks, d—. What does that mean?” And he goes, “You should be on.” And I was like, “Really? No, I don’t think so.” And he just kept thinking about it, I could see his little wheels turning. He goes, “No, it would be really, really good for you. People would think you’re just this idiot with blond hair and big boobs. You would be perfect for it because you’re such a smart businesswoman. You write and you direct and you produce and obviously you’re hot and you’re beautiful.” And I was like, “Well, it’s never going to happen. NBC is never going to let a porn star on.” And he was like, “I can make it happen.” And I was like, “You can’t. I dare you.” I was totally egging him on. And that was kind of like the thing, he was like, “No, we have to work on this for you.” And that was sort of what he tried to bait me with for an entire year. He was like, “We have to get together to talk about your appearance on.” But he was serious. I think when it hit him in the moment, he was like, “Yeah, this is going to be really good.” And it could have. Of course, it would have been sensational. He just kept pushing for it, pushing for it. And he was like, “Would you do it?” I was like, “You know what, I’m not going to waste my energy on thinking about it, but if you actually have the power to make it happen, then I’ll do it.”


Then she related how he reportedly invited her up to his suite, it being “his idea.”

IT: And it was his idea?

Stormy: Oh yeah. 100%. It didn’t even occur to me before. Honestly, I have never watched the show, and I still haven’t watched the show. I travel too much to watch a lot of TV. I had to use the bathroom and I went to the restroom, which was in the bedroom. Like I said, it was a big suite. I could describe the suite perfectly. When I came out, he was sitting on the bed and he was like, “Come here.” And I was like, “Ugh, here we go.” And we started kissing. I actually don’t even know why I did it but I do remember while we were having sex, I was like, “Please don’t try to pay me.” And then I remember thinking, “But I bet if he did, it would be a lot.”

IT: This is what you were thinking during sex?

Stormy: Yeah, isn’t that horrible? But I remember thinking, “I hope he doesn’t think I’m a hooker.” Not that I have anything against hookers. I just personally have never done it. Still, I have no idea why I did it. Honestly, I really don’t.

IT: Were you attracted to him?

Stormy: Would you be? I was more like fascinated. I was definitely stimulated. We had a really good banter. Good conversation for a couple hours. I could tell he was nice, intelligent in conversation.

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Cut to the sex scene:

IT: Going to the bathroom, did you think you were going to come out and encounter that?

Stormy: That he was going to be in bed? No, I just had to pee. So anyway, the sex was nothing crazy. He wasn’t like, chain me to the bed or anything. It was one position. I can definitely describe his junk perfectly, if I ever have to. He definitely seemed smitten after that. He was like, “I wanna see you again, when can I see you again?”

IT: Did he initiate or did you?

Stormy: Here’s the weird thing. He had one of my DVDs and he asked me to sign it for him and I did.

IT: He had it on him?

Stormy: Yeah. I don’t know if he sent someone out to get it. I take that back, he probably got it in the gift room. It was probably in one of his gift bags that he picked up because we were giving them out. I remember, it was, and I remember I signed it to him.


Ben Roethlisberger was reportedly there. Because of course he was.

We were still in the bedroom. We hung out for a little while and he just kept saying, “I’m gonna call you, I’m gonna call you. I have to see you again. You’re amazing. We have to get you on.” I ended up leaving and the next night I saw him again at a party. It was in the downstairs of the hotel I was in and he was hanging out with Ben Roethlisberger. When I got there, he was already with him. He had Keith, his bodyguard, call me and ask me if I was coming. When I got there, I called Keith and he told me where he was sitting and he brought me over. And he was hanging out with Ben for a long time. A couple other people around, nobody famous. Mostly people trying to hang on to them. Ben had just won the Super Bowl that year. Donald excused himself. He had to leave, I don’t remember why, and he made Ben promise to take care of me. I stayed another 15-20 minutes and Ben Roethlisberger actually walked me up to my room that night because Donald told him to. Yeah, he walked me all the way to my hotel room.

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More details on the reported sexual encounter:

IT: Was the sex romantic?

Stormy: It was textbook generic. It wasn’t like, “Oh my God, I love you.” He wasn’t like Fabio or anything. He wasn’t trying to have, like, porn sex.

IT: Did he say anything to you during?

Stormy: Nothing freaky. Like, “Oh yeah, that feels good. That’s amazing.” You know. It was one position, what you would expect someone his age to do. It wasn’t bad. Don’t get me wrong.


So, this is where it gets weird: The pillow talk.

 Yeah. But isn’t that weird? So strange. So we finished dinner and we moved to the sofa so he could get a better view of Shark Week. That’s when he broke the news to me that it almost went through but there’s somebody that had a problem and it got vetoed and blah blah blah. I was like, “I told you, you couldn’t make it happen.” I was pretty annoyed. He kept rubbing my leg and was like, “You know, you’re so beautiful. I love your little nose, it’s like a little beet.” I go, “Did you say a beet? Like, what the f—?” I started giving him a hard time about it. And he goes, “No, no, no, no! It’s majestic. It’s a very smart nose, like an eagle.” I was like, “Just keep digging, dude. Keep digging that hole.” Like I said, we had this banter. I was kind of mean to him. He just kept brushing my hair off my shoulder and kissing on my neck. And he was like, “So, can you stay?” and I was like, “No, I gotta go.” I left. Keith walked me back to my car. I was in there probably two and a half hours. I left and he kept calling me less and less over the coming months. I do remember, it was whatever season Tito Ortiz was on and I guess Jenna was on one of the episodes just with Tito and he called me and I didn’t watch the show, I had no idea that Tito was on it, much less Jenna. I think he was afraid I was going to be pissed. So he called me and was like, “Did you see Jenna Jameson on my show? I didn’t know she was going to go on. That’s bullshit. She made a fool of herself.” He said, “She’s a bimbo. You’re so much better.” I was like, “I didn’t even know about it.” I just thought that was really funny. Don’t care. Totally over it.


Shark week, Ben Roethlisberger, presidential “junk,” this interview has it all. It’s as if it could be entirely her imagination. Or is it?


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