Countering Democratic calumnies – a five-point candidate primer

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The Democrat Party’s attack scheme for the mid-term elections is principally championing abortion to distract from the colossal failure of Biden’s administration.  Biden and Democratic party candidates are linked, both are responsible for domestic and foreign chaos, ruinous inflation, economic disintegration, and crime on a wholesale scale. Republican candidates must always link the two. Following are answers to probable Democrat questions with blanks to be filled in by the local candidate.

  1. Dobbs destroyed a woman’s right to control her own body, her right to choose.

Did it; choose what? It is a false question. The right to choose or control one’s own body is limited by myriad laws and directives: motorcycle helmet regulations, seat belt requirements, requiring a prescription to get certain drugs to name a few. Would you (candidate) act to stop a suicide? Why? Aren’t you interfering in a right to choose?

Dobbs overruled Roe because there is nothing in the constitution regarding abortion, pro or con. The 10the Amendment states “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.  This principle was earlier affirmed in Printz v. United States and New York v. United States.

If the people of a state, either through their state legislators or by referendum wish to prohibit or permit abortion that is up to them, not an unelected court imposing its will as in Roe. Dobbs reinforces democracy, are you saying you (insert name) are against the people governing themselves? By denouncing Dobbs that’s exactly what you’re saying.

What about rape you ask? Shouldn’t the victim be allowed to abort? I repeat, abortion is a state issue, an issue for the people to decide. But let’s look at the facts. A woman who is raped should immediately be taken to a hospital where evidence will be collected but where she will be treated to prevent disease the course of which also may prevent pregnancy.  This is morally acceptable because it goes to intent. My opponent cites an extreme case, the reality is abortion is most often used when birth control has failed or has not been used. And most abortions? Mostly minority women, in minority neighborhoods. How’s that for racism?

Abortion kills an innocent human being, yes human, a woman does not give birth to a codfish. Even the writer Camile Paglia, who is pro-abortion, admits that a human is killed. How is it done? The baby is dismembered in the womb, or in partial birth abortion, turned to come out headfirst before being killed by being stabbed in the back of the neck.

Safe abortion? There is no such thing; any surgical procedure is inherently dangerous. Remember Joan Rivers went in for a simple procedure and came out dead. There is ample evidence to show that legal abortions are dangerous. How many women have been taken to hospital with punctured uteruses, heavy bleeding, etc. The abortionist Kermit Gosnell is now in prison for what he did to women. His facility couldn’t pass a health inspection, the local McDonalds had to meet higher sanitary standards than Gosnell’s charnel house. Planned Parenthood makes a fortune out of abortions, that is, after encouraging promiscuity. Who else benefits from abortion? Men. It allows them to be irresponsible and to treat women as objects. Aren’t we more than the sum of our private parts?

  1. Biden’s economic malfeasance

Inflation destroys savings, and makes it impossible to save, why bother saving when your money’s value erodes by the day? What about elderly Americans on fixed incomes? Don’t they count? (If possible, get number of senior citizens in area). Chicken costs $___ a pound under Biden, it was $___ under Trump (use local supermarket); gas was $___ a gallon with Trump, under Biden it’s going for $____.  Need a new car? Good luck: even used ones are through the roof. Milk? I saw milk jump (insert price difference) in one week!

Piggybacking on the retail economic woes is the damage done by Biden’s needless lockdowns which did nothing except destroy lives and businesses. How come the small shop with only a few people was more dangerous than the big box store with hundreds of customers? How come Florida survived without Biden lockdowns while our neighbors were going under?  Can the Biden Democrats like (insert name) answer that?

Biden has usurped Congressional authority by unilaterally forgiving student debt. Is it really cancelled? No, the cost is passed on to Americans who have paid student debt or never had any. It is a bonanza to college and universities that can continue to charge outrageous tuition for degrees where there are no jobs waiting. It is a pass to reckless spending and outright dishonesty for “higher education”.

  1. Biden’s administration promotes moral confusion and racism.

Moral corruption has seeped into our schools and workplaces in your Biden administration, your administration. Equal opportunity and fairness to all was the goal, now it’s being turned on its head. In Minneapolis if the schools reduce the teaching staff white teachers are to be laid off before black teachers in a clear violation of the constitution and civil rights laws. Children are being taught that race is the most important component of their being, that white is evil. That’s not what the civil rights movement was about.

The notion of transgender is being foisted on society by the very Biden people who were shouting “follow the science” during Covid and now ignore the science that men cannot become women and visa versa. To make matters worse realists who protest have been fired from jobs.   Dems want to silence parents who protest, as we saw in Loudoun County, Virginia and Democrat judge in Montgomery County, Maryland has ruled against parents who sued when schools refused to tell parents how the school was “transgendering” their children. In other words, the Biden Dems believe the state owns your children. This is straight out of the Nazi and Communist playbook again showing the contempt Dems have for “we the people.” It couldn’t get any worse could it? Sure could, Biden Dems want to give kids puberty blockers so they can “transition” to another sex. This is just crazy. Who are the science deniers now? Those who “transition” are on dangerous drugs whose effects are unknown. Stop taking the drugs and the individual reverts to type — that’s fact — that can’t be denied.

  1. Crime is through the roof where Democrats run the shop

Biden, by refusing to enforce the border is admitting dangerous criminals, some of whom were previously deported. Congressional Democrats do nothing but encourage it.  The Democrat Party is welcoming to criminals. What other conclusion can we reach?

Biden supported prosecutors let vicious criminals go to commit more crime, making citizens prey for criminals in their own communities. Police are attacked and investigated for stopping criminals while the innocent may be jailed for self-defense.

Decent Americans in Baltimore, Chicago, Washington, Los Angles, San Francisco, New York, and other cities live in fear in their own homes, risking their lives every time they go out on the street. Before the last presidential election Black Lives Matter and Anti-Fa mobs destroyed millions in property, destroyed small businesses, destroyed lives. The Dems were fine with arson and murder besmirching the name “Civil Rights,” protesting Trump was license to destroy without consequences.

  1. Thanks to Biden Dems the border is wide open & illegal immigration is out of control.

Biden, our Democratic, president has violated his oath to “faithfully execute the law” and willfully violated the US Code and you (insert name) go right along with it. Illegal aliens, take jobs, and bring crime.  Where does the fentanyl come from?  Dangerous gangs, and human traffickers enter our country with impunity to destroy our communities. Shouldn’t Americans be safe in their own land?  Obviously not. Biden’s immigration policy flaunts the law and Marylanders pay for it as illegal aliens receive benefits and are flown all over the country, and there’s no end in sight. The maxim of the law, which every first-year law student learns is that “a malefactor cannot profit from his malfeasance”. That doesn’t matter to your Biden administration. Medicare, Medicaid, public education–illegals are benefiting more than Americans.

Of course, Democrats will cry racism, xenophobia etc., but that is another distraction on the assault on the living standard of Americans. “Since Jan. 2021   illegals have cost $20.4 billion annually on top of the $140 billion already spent” (FAIR).

Cong. Barbara Jordan, the black, Democratic representative from Texas, warned in the Jordan Commission Report, commissioned, and ignored, by Pres Clinton, that unrestricted immigration was destroying black opportunities repeating what Booker T. Washington and A. Philip Randolph, head of the sleeping Car Porters Union had said decades before. Caesar Chavez, the son of Mexican immigrants, founder of the United Farm Workers Union was strenuously opposed to illegal immigration because it drove down farm worker’s wages.

What of the children of illegals who were bond here? Dems will argue that they are American citizens by birth. As proven by Hans von Spakovsky (“Birthright Citizenship: A Fundamental Misunderstanding of the 14th Amendment” Heritage Foundation, Oct. 2018) and Raoul Berger (Government by Judiciary), this is a false interpretation of the 14th Amendment the purpose of which was to give citizenship to former slaves.  As I wrote in a letter to the Washington Times (April, 2007), “Children of Illegals are Illegal”:

“the 14th Amendment did not automatically grant citizenship to American Indians, persons certainly born on American soil. That would have to wait until the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924, signed by President Coolidge. A Senate resolution of 1870 had denied that the amendment covered Indians, and the Supreme Court in Elk v. Wilkins (1884) again denied citizenship because Indians owed their primary allegiance to a “distinct and independent” polity. The examples of the Mexican government continually affirming that Mexicans remain Mexicans wherever they are, and the illegals proud flouting of American law are ample proof of their allegiance to a foreign nation and their contempt for the American republic. Those who argue birthright citizenship deny history and common sense…”

Meanwhile, the national social fabric is being ripped apart. It is impossible to assimilate the numbers, made worse because Democrats don’t want them to assimilate. Let’s face facts–Democrats want unrestricted immigration from dependent cultures because they see them as future Democrats. For Democrats like Joe Biden and (insert name) our communities just don’t matter in their headlong rush to turn the American Republic into a Democratic Party socialist disaster.


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