A moderate’s argument for Trump

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Being an outspoken moderate supporter of Donald Trump can be an exhausting undertaking. Some Republicans are unwavering Trump supporters, and will proudly let you know that they think Donald Trump is the next messiah brought to the American people to rid the world of evil, while restoring the glory that was American exceptionalism. The other side of our party includes Lincoln Project Republicans, who identify more with the angry liberals so smug with righteousness and faux-intellect that they couldn’t possibly be associated with a “neanderthal” like Trump. Then there’s the moderate voter, like myself, who in today’s day and age finds it harder and harder to identify with the extreme polarization on both sides of the aisle.

“How can YOU support Donald Trump?!”

This is a question I’ve heard a few hundred times this year; by the media, by friends, by family, and by acquaintances who may casually learn about my views. The mainstream media has spent four years equating any notion of Trump support to nazism, racism, and bigotry. Association is so toxic, that it is to the point in which over 65% of supporters are afraid to publically affiliate with his administration. There’s such a stereotype built up about what a Trump-voter is supposed to look like, that it is perplexing liberals to try to understand how Americans of all persuasions can be supporters. You know what the stereotype is: uneducated, white, redneck, and living in a southern state. If you do fit that description, then no need for explaining, everyone understands why YOU would vote for Trump, but if you fall outside of that category, you better have a good explanation, even though people on the left will still just toss it all out and assume you’re a racist.

If you are genuinely curious as to how or why normal people support Trump, or if you’re still undecided and on the fence, this is the rationale I use for justifying my Trump support. This isn’t because I need to justify my beliefs, but rather to show that there is a lot of consideration put into this decision, and isolating any one of these reasons will help you understand why half of the country is going to end up voting for someone that nearly the entire American liberal-media-industrial complex is against. 

Divisive Rhetoric

Before diving into the reasons for supporting Trump, it’s important to acknowledge that I openly and publicly condemn Trump’s rhetoric. I think his messaging is divisive. He lies to reporters, and his public persona is not the buttoned-up professional I’d like to see from my American President. What’s hard for liberals and many moderates to come to terms with is that the words aren’t as important as the actions. I’ve learned to accept that the President plays a brash character on TV, and the media is going to portray his actions as hateful, but behind the scenes he quietly implements fantastic and effective public policy. If there’s one thing that you take from this article, I hope that you begin to view politicians and your friends for that matter in this dichotomy. 

In contrast, politicians can also publicly say all the right things and implement or advocate for all the wrong policies. Obama was a fantastic representative for America who said all the right things out loud, but he quietly implemented destructive public policy that set America down a path for failure. The same way your friends can outwardly position themselves as woke social justice warriors by posting a black square on Instagram claiming they’re advocates for racial equality, while going home and making racist jokes in the comfort of their own home. Both concepts can be true at the same time. Supporting Trump as a moderate means activating a certain level of willing suspension of disbelief in order to stay focused on the policy being implemented behind the headlines.

Thus, the question becomes, “What is more important? A President’s rhetoric or his actions?” Personally, I weigh the actions far more than the words, so let’s take a look at what has actually taken place behind the scenes over the past four years that outweighs Trump’s rhetoric. 

Foreign Policy

Donald Trump is the first President in 39 years to NOT start a new war, and it’s a huge reason as to why he’s been nominated four times for a Nobel Peace Prize, something the media refuses to cover or breathe life into. The concept of “America First” was heavily applied to Trump’s foreign policy over his first term, and despite all of the experts warning us that Trump’s decisions were going to get us into WWIII or cause a nuclear catastrophe, four years later the globe was somehow more stable than when he took over…prior to COVID. Maybe the expectations were astronomically low, but this is a recurring theme; before Trump took office, experts agreed that Trump is going to nuke (sometimes literally) everything he touches, yet somehow four years later, none of the doomsday scenarios came to fruition. The same can be said for the claims that he is a fascist, racist, and anti-semite. This has been a President that despite popular belief, presides over a country that provides more equality for the LGBTQ and minority communities than they have ever seen under any President; all while enabling states and individuals the sovereignty to manage themselves. Those that still want to hold on to the label of fascist, should take a long hard look around the globe, specifically in countries such as Russia, China, and the Philippines if they want to get a grip on what fascism actually looks like.

A second term would however take “America First” to the next level, as COVID has sparked a more bi-partisan movement to return manufacturing back to America, particularly in vital industries such as medicine and emergency supplies. Comparatively, a Joe Biden Presidency means returning to policies that enable the Chinese Communist Party in their quest to colonize the free world and encouraging Iranian leadership to build nuclear weapons.

Admittedly, I had my worries in 2016 as to what a Trump Presidency would mean for international relations, but after watching the dismantling of globalist policies resulting in unprecedented peace deals with Israel and surrounding Arab nations, the removal of ISIS in just a few short years, and countries like Iran and China on their heels, it makes you ponder what America has been doing for nearly my entire life when it comes to interacting with other countries. What were these international affairs experts thinking while advising Bush Sr. & Jr., Bill Clinton, and Obama for the past 25 years, and how did we expect any of America’s foreign policy to truly benefit our country, let alone the world? A Joe Biden presidency would be a return to failed neo-liberal foriegn policy from top to bottom, and despite the media spinning this to be a good thing, we should look objectively and consider many of the major maneuvers of Trump’s foreign policy including moving embassies, implementing tariffs, and semi-isolationism for what they really are at this moment in time; successful. 

American Economy

In the short term, a Biden Presidency promises a return to illogical and baseless lockdowns and economic shutdown, while a Trump Presidency represents a vision of returning to normal functioning businesses and human interaction. This is and will be the deciding factor in the election, as the Democrats are currently blinded as to how much of the country desperately wants to return to 100% open economies without restrictions, regardless of the risk of contracting COVID, particularly amongst younger people.

Additionally, until the COVID hysteria, Donald Trump was preceding over one of the strongest American economies in recent history. This wasn’t just a talking point on the campaign trail, these were the facts:

  •  Lowest Black Unemployment
  • Lowest Hispanic Unemployment
  • Record Highs in The Stock Market
  • Tax Cuts for 82% of the Country
  • Returning Manufacturing Jobs to US
  • Rolling Back Job-Killing Regulations

All of these things were really happening, and until an unprecedented global pandemic, Donald Trump was facilitating this economic boom. The formula for economic prosperity is and will always be simple. All politicians need to do is enable entrepreneurship and get out of the way, which Democrats are diametrically opposed to doing. This fact is the main reason for my devotion to the Republican party and support of a platform for smaller government despite having qualms with our current leader. 

A Joe Biden Presidency would mean a return to government-funded job creation. When you hear Biden talk about unemployment or economic recovery, what he means is reinstating unsustainable spending and Obama-era Keynesian economics. Most people won’t grasp how problematic this is, but the data is in and we know this isn’t the way to grow an economy, and it’s catastrophic to the long term success of America as a country. 

Core Institutions

This election is the first in my lifetime where America’s core institutions are on the chopping block. He can keep skirting the question, but Joe Biden and the Democratic party are publicly advocating for fundamentally damaging the Supreme Court, all because they are mad about the recent conservative justice confirmations. They would rather tear down and undermine these institutions than live with the momentary swing in the conservative direction. Additionally, there are movements to decrease Republican representation in Congress and the Senate by adding D.C and Puerto Rico as States and removing the filibuster. Other core institutions facing fundamental reform include but are not limited to, eliminating the electoral college, changes to the tax code, and free public universities. That is without getting into the expansion of unsustainable mass-spending liabilities such as student loan forgiveness, socialized medicine, open borders, and a green new deal. 

While aspects of these ideas are palatable and even possibly beneficial, it shows a pattern by the Democratic party to buck the American political system as a whole instead of working within the core institutions that have allowed us to succeed as a nation for the last 249 years. There is an attitude amongst young liberals to reject our evil capitalist society entirely in favor of a socialist utopia. If you think that’s just fear-mongering, feel free to drop into your city’s or local colleges, Young Democratic Socialist of America meeting and let me know if that’s not the direction my generation is headed if these types of ideas take hold.

In stark contrast to 2016, somehow a second term with Donald Trump actually means a return to normalcy more so than allowing the Democratic Party to gain power at this time in history and letting radical ideology gain momentum.

Surrounding Cast

If nothing else mentioned so far mattered, my main reason for voting for Trump is because it is a vote for the surrounding cast of conservatives that will fill the cabinet and auxiliary positions in his administration. Starting with the names you know such as; Mike Pence, Ben Carson, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, & Mike Pompeo, I much prefer these people in positions of power as opposed to the alternative.

A Joe Biden cabinet would star Kamala Harris as Vice President and would like to see Elizabeth Warren leading Education Reform, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez heading up Environmental Policy, Beto O’Rourke on the Gun Control Task Force, Susan Rice as Secretary of State, Obama’s top Economic Advisors regaining their positions, and Hilary Clinton in some form of an Advisory Role. Of course, this is just speculation, but it’s easily possible if not likely and that is what should frighten reasonable voters.

Despite the attempt to paint Joe Biden as a moderate, his surrounding cast is anything but moderate. The radical leftists you’ve seen take over the Democratic Party during the primary are going to be vaulted into leadership positions, which is where real policy is set. So, to my fellow Americans, if this cast of characters seemed a little too far-left for you during the primary, this should be enough reason to not vote for Joe Biden. 

Moving past the household names, the vast majority of people have no idea what is going on in the private meetings of Democratic leadership across the country. If you want a sample, check out Project Veritas’ expose on the radical members of the Democratic Party in Colorado. This isn’t an isolated incident either, if you spend time at Democratic events like I have, you will find that leaders within the Democratic Party across the nation are increasingly more radical as opposed to my colleagues at Young Republicans events who are increasingly more moderate. 

The distinction between party leadership at a local and state level couldn’t be more apparent, but unfortunately, this is hardly considered when it comes to a national election. A vote for Joe Biden is a nod to the radical left that is quickly taking power in local municipalities and in local Democratic Executive Committees, as they make it harder for logical centrists even within their own Democratic party to ascend to leadership positions. This is why you’re seeing movements such as Defunding the Police and the demands of the Black Lives Matter Organization take hold in Democratically controlled cities across the country. A well-informed moderate voter should not be considering voting for Joe Biden after examining the surrounding cast that comes with him.

Most importantly, you don’t need to love everything about Donald Trump in order to vote for him, as is the case in every Presidential election. You just need to understand that the Democratic Party has a fundamentally different vision for America as we know it, as opposed to the Republican Party, that despite its flaws, has no desire to toss out the Constitution or dismantle our institutions. Take a step back and see if you can separate Trump the cartoon character from Trump the America-first policy facilitator. Those of us who value action and efficiency over empty words will be casting their vote for Donald Trump, because if we end up with four years of Joe Biden, moderates will be the ones clamoring to Make America Great Again.


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Jake Hoffman


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