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Dear fellow American,

It sometimes seems like no matter what we do, big government liberals always get their way.

We can win the House. We can win the Senate. We can even take back the White House against impossible odds.

But at the end of the day, Democrats just point an accusatory finger of "bigotry" at our leaders and they cave. No matter what promises were made on the campaign trail, suffocating taxes, overwhelming regulations, and bad deals persist.

What can hardworking Americans do?

Here’s the problem: our elected leaders fear the aggressive, rabble-rousing activists on the left more than they fear the productive class that not only elected them-but keeps this country moving.

The political parasites in Washington are too comfortable. It’s time to put them on edge.

By putting their lies, corruption, and scandals out there for the world to see, we can show these hack politicians that we’re a force to be feared.

Spreading the TRUTH is the only way to organize a movement that will sack the leeches and restore a government favorable to America’s innovators.

That’s what BizPac Review is fighting for. We’re here to champion the cause of the men and women who make America great.

Since 2011, our mission has been the same: combine world-class journalism with 21st Century publishing to promote the issues that hit home for conservative business people.

This letter is your ticket to the fight. You’ll be receiving our daily newsletter, which features the top stories for pro-business Americans who want to bring back some sanity to government.

Welcome to the revolution. Let’s take this country back.

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