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Best political cartoons: Dumb and dumber

Ben Shapiro: The red fizzle

Larry Elder: Biden’s versus Trump’s ‘lies’ — what a difference an administration makes

Marjorie Taylor Greene rips ‘lazy, pathetic, wimpy’ Republicans blaming Trump for disappointing showing

Here’s who Tucker blames for midterm failure – ps… it’s not Trump

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Righteous outrage builds over Arizona’s ‘national disgrace’ of a voting process

Musk sends first official email to Twitter staff; here’s what it said …

Newsmax host Greg Kelly goes off on Fox News: ‘A bunch of vain people’ who ‘ignore’ Trump

Tarlov and Gutfeld get in heated post-midterm spat: ‘God, are you campaigning for Planned Parenthood or what?’

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Learn more about Jeeng

SNL staff writers have meltdown over Dave Chappelle hosting show, boycott the episode

MSNBC yucks it up over crude cheap shot at Lauren Boebert; her loss will be a ‘gain for OnlyFans’

Christina Pushaw laughs at traumatized local ‘legacy media’ calling Florida a ‘crimson hellscape’

Run elections like Florida! Jesse Watters’ post-midterm takeaways

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MSNBC’s Katy Tur suggests Fetterman could be president: ‘I know there’s some variables’

Treason without consequences—Joe Biden’s open border policy

Arrogant Biden says nothing will change, doubles down on bad policies despite midterm spanking

Biden pushes probe of Elon Musk’s relationships with other countries, says ‘lots of luck’ to probe of Hunter

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Harvard grad can’t stomach Merrick Garland’s condescending commencement speech, so she walks out

Transgender man wins local beauty pageant which provides scholarships to young women

TIPP: What should the new GOP house focus on in the first 100 days?

Biden: Musk’s foreign ties are ‘worth being looked at’ after ‘joint acquisition’ of Twitter with ‘other countries’

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