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The best political cartoons of the week: A world of Biden’s choosing

Aging rock legend delivers touching message as he says goodbye to fans at final concert

Sean Penn threatens to smelt his Oscar if Zelenskyy not invited to speak at Academy Awards

‘Most evil’ poll doesn’t fare well for Hillary Clinton; libs aghast, debate rages given other options listed

Biden targets billionaires in new ‘minimum tax’ that would have Elon Musk paying an additional $50B

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Vasser student newspaper apologizes, retracts story because ‘majority of quotations from white students’

Officials say Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins had ’10 different’ drugs in his system at time of death

Watch: Chicago Transit Authority employee shoots man walking away after altercation

Republicans say ‘time to hold FBI leadership more accountable’ after audit reveals ‘staggering’ errors

Chris Wallace finally shares why he left Fox News, citing reasons he was no longer ‘comfortable’

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MSNBC’s Ali Velshi claims Ukrainian refugees get ‘better’ treatment because they’re white Christians

Ex-DEA agent notes differences as Biden compares Ukraine refugees to migrants on southern border

Former Oscars head writer slams ‘woke madness’: ‘They’re so crazed and they’re eating their own’

Tom Nichols bemoans ‘irresponsible’ CNN chyron repeating Biden’s words instead of spinning them

Dr. Carol Swain: Biden admin ‘most anti-American, pro-Communist administration’ in US history

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Joe Concha says DeSantis ‘winning’ culture wars: ‘A culture warrior, just as Trump was before him’

Adams vows NYC will go ‘block by block’ to remove homeless encampments; plan lacks important detail

California Gov. Newsom makes history with political appointment of transgender judge

Activists demand Biden declare climate emergency, end fossil fuel use amid sky high gas prices

GOP lawmakers in Florida blast ‘woke’ Disney for becoming ‘activist machine,’ talk of consequences

Macron critical of Biden for calling Putin a ‘butcher,’ talking regime change: ‘I would not use those words’

Rep. Stefanik says being a mother makes her a ‘more effective leader,’ vows Congress moms ‘on a mission’

‘Definitely a discussion to have’: Jim Jordan says GOP must consider impeaching Biden if they retake House

Siblings suicide together in Swiss clinic five months later than original death pact due to pandemic

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