US needs better human resources directors, not foreign workers

Problems in hiring high-tech workers at big corporations are driving the push for amnesty in the immigration reform debate. Big businesses say they need to import […]

Devious Karl Rove sets trap to catch Hillary’s lies

Maybe Karl Rove is crazy like a fox. When it comes to Hillary Clinton’s concussion and possible brain damage, Rove seems to be like a cat toying […]

Ranchers support Cliven Bundy
Why does federal government own 84% of Nevada and what can Reid do to give it back?

Many say Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid could easily arrange for his home state to get back most of the 84 percent of Nevada territory owned and […]

Marco Rubio catches Potomac Fever

It’s called Potomac Fever. Senator Marco Rubio – seduced by the establishment – is leading the charge for amnesty for illegal immigrants. Rubio to the April 14 […]

Pinocchio reigns: Lies our government tell us

Will 10 percent cuts in government spending known as “sequester” really harm American citizens in our everyday lives? Or have politicians gone way too far this time […]

stripper picking up bills, photo
Fla. bill would ban using food stamps for stripper, casino tabs

Florida’s strip clubs, liquor stores, casinos, pornographic video shops and bostores would no longer receive food stamps and welfare money, if a bill filed by state Rep. […]

lampoon-dog-big crop
Will Dems’ budget blackmail strategy backfire?

“Buy this magazine or the dog gets it!” screamed the National Lampoon magazine cover for January 1973, showing a gun to a dog’s head. Today, President Barack […]

scared face
Administration scares taxpayers to avoid budget cuts

Will President Obama’s sequester interrupt government services you depend on? The media runs alarmist stories about how average Americans will suffer if Uncle Sam has to pass […]

press pass
GOP has unfinished business with liberal media

The liberal news media is a major cause of the Republican Party’s problems. Everyone on the right knows it. But conservatives have left the job unfinished. Giant […]

rand paul bookshelf picture
Rove’s idea of electability: GOP elites keep getting it wrong

Republican insiders want to force Republican voters to choose “electable” nominees than examples like Christine O’Donnell, Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, so Karl Rove launched the […]

immigrant girl with US flag
Misguided sympathy for illegals harming Mexico, costing American jobs

Mexico’s unemployment rate dropped to 4.7 percent of the working population in September 2012, according to the Financial Times. Yet misguided sympathy is costing America jobs. The […]