Government Is Inherently Evil

By George Noga

Four Secrets to Better Government

Formerly, I used “malevolent” to describe government; I now am escalating the rhetoric to “evil” which is a more apt descriptor. The definition of evil is harmful, injurious, wrong, bad, wicked, unfortunate, disastrous, maleficent, immoral, ill-willed, malicious and malign.

Government is all of those and more. It is no coincidence this post comes on May Day – the traditional observance of Communism and celebration of government power over everything.

In most human endeavors the 21st century bears witness to miracles such as in medicine, science, food production, technology, electronics and space exploration to name but a few. Yet 1.4 billion Chinese live under despotic communism deprived of open Internet access; 1.2 billion Indians subsist in a Kafkaesque, bureaucratic torpor; 1 billion Africans (with but few exceptions) live under malign dictators amidst grinding poverty, AIDS and tribal warfare; 700 million Arabs/Muslims subsist in theocracies sanctioning honor killings, fatwas and jihad.

In South/Latin America 600 million souls mostly have to contend with the likes of Chavez, Castro, Kirchner, Morales, Humala and the Mexican narcostate. Did I mention Russia, a kleptocracy that murders journalists, is rife with AIDS and a disappearing population?

“Europe is like a blissfully blithe doyenne sipping espresso at the cafe, obliviously blowing through her shrinking dowry.”

Europe consists mostly of socialist welfare states with skyrocketing debt and nosediving fertility rates except for its unassimilated guest workers, resulting in a demographic time bomb. Europe refuses to defend itself and even to have children – the ultimate votes of no confidence in the future for any society.

George Noga

Europe is like a blissfully blithe doyenne sipping espresso each day at the cafe, obliviously blowing through her rapidly shrinking dowry.

That pretty much leaves the USA. Unfortunately, America is experiencing a slow motion train wreck. The debt-propelled Uncle Sam Express is headed off a bottomless fiscal cliff, the conductor in a debt-induced stupor. Exactly when the train goes over the cliff depends mostly on how fast the engineers shovel more debt into the boiler.

Everyone, both on and off the train, knows the train is going over the cliff but is powerless to stop it. When the train indeed plunges off the cliff and into the abyss, everyone will feign surprise. But the inevitable train wreck is happening right before our eyes and should surprise no one.

“The only major countries on the planet with relatively benign government are New Zealand and Canada with .5%, or only 1 in 200, of Earth’s population – and that is very temporary.”

The only major countries with relatively benign government are Canada and New Zealand with a total of 38 million souls – equal to one-half of one percent, or 1 out of every 200 on the planet. There are small outposts such as Singapore, Hong Kong and perhaps a few others that also are okay. I did not include Australia, which by many accounts appears to be in good shape, because it is on the verge of a housing bust that could result in a banking crisis requiring a big government bailout with massive debt. We all have seen that “B” movie before.

Lest New Zealand and Canada get complacent however, their grasp on benign government is tenuous – both having experienced bad government not long ago.

The Bigger the Government – The More Evil It Is

It stands to reason if government inherently is evil, that bigger, more powerful governments have the capacity for exponentially more maleficence. Let’s take a quick walk through the various layers of government to ferret out just some of the evil.

  • Homeowners Associations have considerable and very personal power over you. Many of those elected to homeowners boards immediately transmogrify into power-hungry, wannabe dictators. That a small group of neighbors in the same socio-economic cohort cannot govern collegially should tell you all you need to know about government.
  • Local Government is characterized by abysmal schools and is captive to public employee unions. Need I mention Detroit, Newark, Cleveland, Washington, etc.?
  • State Government is debt addled; California, Illinois, New York and many others are beyond the pale. Even Florida with above average government is incapable of fixing an obvious property insurance fiasco that threatens its very solvency.
  • National Government in the USA is experiencing an epic train wreck as noted supra as was the fact that only 1 in 200 souls on our planet temporarily has benign government.
  • International Organizations occupy the hottest places in hell. The UN, IMF, World Bank and their ilk are unelected and unaccountable. The UN engages in child rape in Africa with impunity. The Norwegian Nobel Committee is corrupt. They admittedly awarded several Peace Prizes to punish Reagan and Bush; the prizes to Carter, Gore and Obama were solely for personal vindication. Now we have the spectacle of Gaffe-a-Minute Biden proposing a world minimum tax – the worst idea of all time.

Four Secrets to Better Government

I have had a glimpse of the Orwellian dystopia that passes for the future. I recoil in horror at the world that awaits me, my children and grandchildren. It truly is a horrific vision – soon to be our reality.

It all but certainly is too late to stop the train wreck. Sometime in the indeterminate future when the wreckage has cleared, we may have another chance to get it right – at least for awhile. Following are universal truths which are constant through all time and space and throughout recorded history; they apply equally to government at all levels.

“Government inherently is evil; the two are symbiotic and must coexist. The evil that government spawns is directly proportional to its funding; ergo, the only way to reduce evil is to cut funds; nothing else works.”

1. Begin by understanding that government inherently is evil; it hurts and kills people and creates malign unintended consequences. One aspect of evil is pandemic waste, fraud and abuse. Our founders wisely understood government had to be limited due to unchanging human nature. Nevertheless, it is minimally necessary at some (but not all) levels. Since government is evil, it follows that we want the minimum amount of it.

2. Because the evil is inherent, there is no way to make government less evil, wasteful, fraudulent or abusive; therefore, all efforts at reform are futile. Evil and the other aforementioned sins are symbiotic with government and hence cannot be reduced. Government is like the Borg, they aim to assimilate everyone and resistance is futile.

3. The only way to reduce (we cannot eliminate) the evil is to make government smaller, ipso facto, creating less evil and its miscegenistic stepchildren: waste, fraud and abuse.

4. The best (and perhaps only) way to make government smaller is drastically to dry up its mother’s milk, i.e. funds. In fact, a valid corollary is: the amount of evil promulgated by government is directly proportional to its funding.

Government inherently is evil; the two are symbiotic and must coexist. The evil can only be reduced but never eliminated. The evil government creates is proportional to its funding. Therefore, the only way to reduce the evil is to cut funding; absolutely nothing else works.


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