Jason Sager; The Truth

Jason Sager; The Truth

By Jason Sager

Let me first say this story is a bit long, however, this is the only way I can get the Truth out there as the media is interested only in the sound-bite version. If you want to know the Truth, please read this and alert your friends to what is going on here in Central Florida. If you are not interested, feel free to delete it and vote for my opponent. This is exactly what the Republican Party “power brokers” want you to do.

There has been much talk lately about some of my activities while I lived in New York City from 2000-2005. The non-stop misinformation coming from the Establishment’s “Attack Machine” is down right disturbing and brutally dishonest. They are trying the same tired tactics that the progressive left has been using for years by now calling me “racist”. Being someone who has full knowledge of how to deal with this mindset, here are the actual facts. These people have no conscience and are now putting my family’s safety at risk by associating me with things that I have never had a part in. I would like to personally “thank” them all for the wonderful messages now being left on my home answering machine which has my wife scared to death.

You read recently that I associated with a group of conservative activists in NYC called Protest Warriors. In 2002/2003 that is true. We were not an organized bunch. We did not have professional signs like you now see on their website. In fact, if you do your homework you will see that the website is copyrighted in 2005. My wife was expecting our first child and we were in the process of moving back to Florida. I left the group before any of that happened. During the time I was involved, I would video tape what we observed and forward it to the media. We could not believe what was going on right in front of us in the same town that was attacked just a year or so before.

Today, the digital images being sent via email from Republican Party officials have absolutely nothing to do with our activities in New York City and I have never been associated with them. I learned about some of these for the first time when I was called last week by the Hernando Today newspaper. The Republican Party had deliberately sent pictures which they thought I would not be able to explain.

There are Republican Party officials, Executive Committee Members and people pretending to be Tea Party leaders that are trying to make sure I know that we are not welcome in their little “clique of influence”. These “sheeple” have just one thing in common… they all march lockstep in support of Mr. Nugent. Mr. Nugent and the brazen Republican Party Officials in this area have no shame over the way they have conducted themselves recently. I would expect this from the radical left, but could have never anticipated the use of such overtly hostile tactics to force their progressive candidate on the good people of this District. ranks.

Our mission was to expose the rampant communism that was being seen in the streets of NY during “Anti-War” marches. These marches were supported by the following list of undesirable folks who were anything but “Anti-War”. As you click on the links below, please notice the age of the participants. These are college aged kids who are ripe for this kind of indoctrination. I hope this alarms you as to how bad this problem actually is. This list is 1/100th of the true size of the progressive communist movement currently operating in the United States;

International Action Center – Marxist Organization Founded by Ramsey Clark
International A.N.S.W.E.R. – Anti-American organization formed 2 weeks after 9/11
Free Mumia – Mumia Abu-Jamal is a Cop Killer
Communist Party USA – Name explains itself. Based out of NYC.
Free Palestine – Pro-Hamas anti-Israel organization
Workers World Party – Marxist Organization founded by Sam Marcy
Fight Imperialism–Stand Together (FIST) – Marxist Organization
Socialist Action Network – This name is also self explanatory

Now to the group that I was actually a member of. While I was a member of the New York Young Republicans my friends and I formed a 527 PAC called “Communists for Kerry”.  No, I was not a communist or a John Kerry supporter. We were a political satire street theater group that was trying to expose the communist influences in the John Kerry campaign between 2003 & 2004. Early on in the presidential campaign the Communist Party of the United States had thrown its support behind Democratic Nominee for President John Kerry. We witnessed them doing voter registration drives in the city and distributing Pro Kerry material. This was shocking to all of us and even more shocking was that the media did not seem to care.

So, being the clever and bold conservatives that we were, we copied a tactic taught to us by our founding fathers during the Boston Tea Party. We dressed up in ridiculous outfits mimicking all of their communist superheroes and began to campaign in front of all of the major news organizations’ headquarters in NYC. This would include FoxNews as the picture I gave to the Hernando Today would indicate.

We did NOT inhibit anybody’s right to free speech and did not disrupt anyone. We had our own events and would set up tables in Union Square to distribute free band-aides that had a tag on them that read, “John Kerry’s Nationalized Healthcare Plan”. We started a website and sold t-shirts to keep the whole thing going. I invite you to please check out our old website at www.communistsforkerry.com .

It will be completely obvious that we were not really communists. We were mocking those that were. Our efforts were successful as you may remember that John Kerry never got elected to be our president. What the local party officials refuse to understand is that we were well loved among Republicans at the time as they all knew we were all working for the same goal. I was interviewed on many talk radio shows including Rush Limbaugh. If they had any problem with it, they would not have invited us to be VIP guests at every cocktail party in New York City during the 2004 Republican National Convention while wearing our costumes. If the local Republican Party and their faux Tea Party leader have a problem with my activities it would have been nice if they had contacted me before attempting to deceive the entire electorate with their false allegations. They are elitists who think you are too ignorant to do your research and will believe every word they say without looking into the context of the situation.

The funny thing about these attacks is that I used to stand toe to toe with very angry people in New York as they spit on me for wearing my Bush/Cheney campaign button. I loved it when they called me a racist for being a Republican. I would always remind them that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. I would also remind them that it was a Democrat named Robert Byrd who attempted a filibuster on the Civil Rights Act and that Ronal Reagan created Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

So the question must be asked as to why these people are doing this now. Well, it is simple. My knowledge and passion for our cause can not be beaten and I have proven that at every debate and forum that I have attended. We have a massive ground swell of support from people who are fed up with both parties and want a New Republican voice. A voice that does not owe anyone in Washington, or our local power brokers any favors.

They have kept their candidate at a distance since our debates in Pasco County. He has now stood us up at 7 different forums. They simply can’t beat the message so now they are trying to beat the messenger by their disgusting tactics and typical campaign attacks. We will not be deterred and I will not attack back. We are going to continue to run a positive campaign. The only saving grace in all of this is that I know they would not be attacking me if their internal polling was showing positive results for their selection.

Why the attack from the faux Tea Party leader in Citrus? That is simple too. I have received a Grade “A” or have been endorsed by every Tea Party/912 organization within a 50 mile radius of our congressional district. In fact, I received 82% of the vote after a forum in Pasco County hosted by the East Pasco Tea Party Patriots where over 200 real people actually attended this past week. They found the one Tea Party group that is solely controlled by one person named Edna Mattos who is also a Nugent supporter and Republican Executive Committee member to launch attacks to make it appear as if the Tea Party movement has turned against me.

Ms. Mattos has no organization. She is one person with an email mailing list who is not connected to any official Tea Party group in the country. She does not hold any regular meetings and her recent straw poll was sent to a Republican Party mailing list via email. There was no candidate forum done by her. It is quite sad to see that the Political Party that I have dedicated my life to for so many years has resorted to this kind of political trickery in order to assist the handpicked candidate they want to represent you.

If you are more comfortable with supporting my progressive opponent, then please do so. All I ask is please, for the sake of my family’s safety, will you stop with the attacks that label me as a racist. The world we live in right now is very unstable and people just might believe you and not do their research to understand the context.

We will let the people of Florida Congressional District Five decide on August 24th. I will accept either decision they make.

The most audacious question I have been asked lately was from Hernando REC Chairman Blaise Ingoglia when he crashed a fundraiser of mine two days after he threw me under the bus in the newspaper. He asked me why I was so anti-establishment?


Ghandi said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win.”

WE the PEOPLE are coming in 2010!


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